Is it safe for me to enter my credit card information when I place an order?

Eveon works with Adyen to ensure safe & secure payment. Adyen has a separate server for online credit card approvals.

Yes, all order information is processed on secure servers. These secure servers ensure that your credit card details are encrypted and sent to a server at Adyen, which has a separate server for online credit card approvals.

The process is actually no different than when you pay for a meal at a restaurant with your credit card. The URL also begins with https. The current link contains a lock icon that confirms that you are using a secure server. Your credit card is first validated, after which we receive authorization from Adyen. 

Once this authorization is received, we confirm receipt of your payment. The order is then processed with the delivery method you have selected. The system is extremely safe and your credit card information is encrypted throughout the entire process. Eveon does not have access to any sensitive payment data. When you enter your payment details on the Eveon Containers website, this information is received and processed directly by Adyen. 

Adyen is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. PCI DSS - which means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - is the most important safety standard in the payment industry.