Is My Personal Information Secure With Eveon?

To provide you with secure ways to pay and ensure our customer data is safe, Eveon only works with renowned and specialized companies that protect your information.

Eveon aims to provide the best service, which also includes security. Providing you secure ways to pay for your container(s) and ensuring that our customer data is safe are among our top priorities. Security of the Eveon Containers webshop and back-office systems is verified by third parties specialized in online security and malware prevention. The software on our website is up to date at all times. All order information is processed on secure servers.

Eveon does not have access to any sensitive payment data. When you enter your payment details on the Eveon Containers website, this information is received and processed directly by our security provider. 

Eveon also offers an option to pay by wire. This is a practical payment method, especially for companies that require an invoice before a payment can be made. Wire transfer is done outside of Eveon systems and is a regular bank to bank transfer.

For more information about the protection of your personal data, see our Privacy Policy.