Why are my container doors hard to open?

Having trouble opening your container doors? The doors on a shipping container are strong, heavy, wind and watertight and can be challenging to open at times. While built to keep your cargo safe, if not leveled, they can keep you out as well. Before calling customer service, try a few of these tips to ensure the container health and functionality. 

  • Make sure the shipping container has been placed on a flat surface, or beams like railroad ties to make sure even on soft ground it is leveled. Any tilt of this structure will affect the functionality.  
  • Spray the door joints & locks with WD-40, Fluid Film, Armour All or Rust Check or oil to lubricate the hinges & locking bar rods 
  • When opening the doors of the container please note the right door is the lead door (or must be pulled first), by opening the left bars first (on the right door) this helps ease the hinges. 
  • Keep the door area clean of dirt and rust, try using Dove soup with hot water to remove dry dirt or mud. 

If you still have issues with your doors after trying these recommendations, please reach out to our customer service team!

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