Why are my container doors hard to open?

To ensure smooth operation of shipping container doors, ensure the container is placed on a level surface, align the doors properly, lubricate hinges and locks, and follow the correct sequence for opening the doors.

Opening the doors on a shipping container can sometimes be a bit challenging. These doors are designed to be strong, heavy, and weather-resistant to keep your cargo safe. However, if the container is not properly leveled, it can make it difficult for you to access your belongings. To make your doors operate more smoothly, here are a few helpful tips.

  • Ensure that the shipping container is positioned on a level surface. Using beams like railroad ties, can help it remains balanced even on soft ground. Any unevenness in the structure can impact its functionality.
  • Inspect whether both doors are properly aligned with each other. It's possible that the edges of both doors may not line up when the container is closed. This could indicate that one of the hinges is under excessive stress. If the doors are not aligned, you can try using a jack to level the container until the doors are even. Remember to ensure that the doors are closed while performing this adjustment.

  • Apply a generous amount of WD-40, Fluid Film, Armour All, Rust Check, or oil to the door joints and locks in order to effectively lubricate the hinges and locking bar rods.
  • When you're ready to open the container doors, it's important to remember that the right door is the lead door and should be pulled first. To make it easier, start by opening the left bars on the right door. This will help to ease the hinges and ensure a smoother opening.

If you still have issues with your doors after trying these recommendations, please reach out to our customer service team!

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