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What is a cargo worthy shipping container?

A Cargo Worthy (CW) container is one that is wind & water tight (WWT), but is in better overall condition than a WWT container. It still shows signs of rust, dents, and scratches.

Cargo Worthy containers can be purchased with or without the CSC certificate. For simplicity, a CW container without a CSC certificate is only an aesthetically superior WWT container.

A CW container with a CSC is a WWT container that has passed a CSC inspection. This inspection is necessary to approve a container to be transported via waterways on a cargo/container ship.

If the intended use of the container is for non-shipping purposes, then a CW container with a CSC is not necessary. A wind and watertight (WWT) or a Cargo Worthy without a CSC would be sufficient.

At Eveon, we currently sell only decommissioned WWT containers.