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Can You Deliver My Container During The Winter?

Weather conditions like snow and ice storms can cause delay. Check weather conditions and contact us in case of doubt.

Unfortunately, truck drivers always experience safety issues during the winter. No matter how safe our truck drivers are, weather conditions during winter can be severe enough that traffic will be gridlocked and roads will be closed. Over 12% of truck delays are due to weather conditions when looking at the largest trafficked areas in 20 U.S. cities. The biggest culprits these delays are snow and ice storms. 

We find it very important to manage the expectations of our customers, to avoid additional charges and our supply chain keeps moving forward. Please call the trucking company or email to info.usa@eveoncontainers.com to evaluate the possibility of delivery when weather conditions are unfavorable. 

Before we can deliver, take note of the following:

Hard Flat Surface needed on road, entrance and place to position the container:

Because of the weight of delivery trucks and your container, you need to have a firm surface for the truck to enter your premises and a firm and leveled location to put your container on the ground. If the container is going to be on grass, consider using landscape timbers, or wood planks to keep the container from sinking in. Also, the ground should be dry and firm so the truck doesn’t sink in the soft ground and get stuck during unloading The grass is easy to repair after your are done with your container. But if the area is wet, we will be unable to access it when you are done.

Clear snow

If you have your storage container delivered during the winter, please make sure that you shovel the delivery site out properly, so it is clear and safe for the delivery truck.


Similar to snow, you can expect winters to be icy. Ice can be extremely dangerous to drive on, which is why we ask that you de-ice your delivery site which salt or sand. Salting and sanding is also a great idea to do regularly around your storage container if you are making frequent trips to it throughout the winter.