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How Soon Will My Container Be Available?

After payment your shipping container can be available for pick up the very next day. For delivery options, it takes around 10 working days to bring it to your location.

How soon will my container be available?

If you have decide to pick up your container yourself from the depot of your choice, you can do so as early as the day after the payment has been made.

Do you prefer to have the container delivered to you? You can choose a preferred delivery date after the order is placed, and we will confirm the logistics. Delivery times may vary based on location, weather condition, ground composition at your chosen delivery spot and other external factors. Any anticipated delivery delays will be communicated to you.

Please note that if you pay directly (using a credit card or PayPal), the delivery will be scheduled immediately after ordering. If you opt to pay by wire transfer, the order will be processed only once we have received your payment in our bank account. Thus, for wire transfer payments, delivery dates will also shift proportionately.