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How many shipping containers fit on a ship?

Currently, the largest ships can hold as many as 24,000 containers.

There are usually two different sizes that are used in cargo ships: the 20ft (also known as a TEU), and the 40ft (which is known as an FEU). Naturally, the number of units that can be fitted onto a freight liner depends on the size of the unit.

Depending on the size of the cargo ship, most can hold anywhere form 10,000 TEU to 24,000 TEU. (TEU= 20ft container).

The first freight liners used to be able to transport around 100 TEU shipping containers  Now largest ships can hold as many as 24,000 containers — a standard 20-foot box can hold a pair of cars that are stacked or stored at an angle or enough produce to fill one or two grocery store aisles.

A 20ft unit has dimensions of about 20ft x 8ft x 8ft, and its total capacity is roughly 1360ft³. When this is multiplied by the 24.000 TEU containers that the ship can hold, it means a capacity of about 32,640,000 ft³.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, demand for freight liners will also increase. Sea transportations is still the preferred method and as a result, we are likely to see increasingly larger freight liners being designed and introduced.