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How are shipping containers made?

Shipping containers are made from steel. The process begins with one large sheet of steel with is then cut into several smaller pieces. The pieces are then corrugated and welded together to add strength. 

The most shipping containers are made from Corten steel, also called “weathering steel”. Corten steel is an alloyed steel mixed with other metals that react when exposed to air and water. This reaction results in the formation of a layer of oxidisation that prevents further corrosion of the metal.

How containers are made:

A big sheet of steel is the beginning of each container. This big sheet is cut into several pieces. These sheets are sand-blasted and primed to remove dust and other contaminants.

During the next step, the sheets are corrugated for strength, the wall panels are welded together, and square tubing is welded to the top of the walls. The floors are constructed from strong, resilient wood that has been sprayed to prevent insect infestations. The floor panels and frame are produced separately. The door and corner post assembly are next. The doors are installed on the floor frame, followed by the wall panels, and then the corner posts, walls and door are welded in place and the roof panel is assembled and attached.

The final steps are to prime and paint the container to protect against weather damage. The flooring panels are varnished to prevent water damage to the wood, and the floor is installed in the frame. The doors are fitted with rubber seals, and the bottom of the container is water resistant.