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Does Eveon rent shipping containers?

Eveon does not rent containers at this time.

Eveon only sells used wind & watertight shipping containers. Are you sure that it wouldn't be more cost effective to buy one instead? Here some benefits to consider when making a decision.

Advantages of buying a container: 

  • When you need the container for a longer period, buying the container is the most cost-efficient option for you. You pay more upfront; however, you will not have to deal with the monthly payments, part of the rental agreement.
  • Any purchased container has a resale value. So even if you keep your container for (say) a year, you can sell the container again. This is a strong point to invest in buying a container.
  • Another benefit of owing your own container is that you can modify the containers to you liking, add electricity, install a door or window, or even insulate your container, so you have a good place to work during the winter.