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Does Eveon rent shipping containers?

Eveon only sells used wind & watertight shipping containers

Eveon Container does not offer any rental boxes at this time. Are you sure that it wouldn't be more cost effective to buy one instead? Here some benefits to consider when making a decision. 

Advantages of buying a container: 

  • When you need the container for a longer period, buying the container is the most cost-efficient option for you. You pay more upfront; however, you will not have to deal with the monthly payments, part of the rental agreement.
  • Any purchased container has a resale value. So even if you keep your container for (say) a year, you can sell the container again. This is a strong point to invest in buying a container.
  • Another benefit of owing your own container is that you can modify the containers to you liking, add electricity, install a door or window, or even insulate your container, so you have a good place to work during the winter.

Advantages of renting a container:

  • When you need the container for a short(er) period, then renting a container will be a more economical option. You pay a rental fee the months you use the container and once you don’t need it anymore, the rental company will pick up the container again. You may have the transportation fees also included in the rental fee, so that is also covered.
  • When you do detect a defect to the container, the repair is most of the times included into the rental fee (do check this when you want to rent a container). If you detect a serious problem, the container will be exchanged.
  • Finally, with a rental container it is easier to exchange the container for a bigger one, if you find out you still run out of space. This is, however, dependent on the rules and regulations of the rental company.