Can I get a discount on my container purchase?

While we generally don't offer discounts, we have special programs and discounts for veterans, loyal customers, and bulk orders. Enter your zip code on our website to find the best price for your location.

At Eveon Containers, we strive to offer competitive prices for our high-quality containers. While we don't generally provide discounts, we have implemented special programs to reward our valued customers:
  1. Veterans Discount: If you are a veteran or a current member of the Armed Forces, we are pleased to offer you a $75 discount on your container purchase. Simply send your Military ID to, and we will ensure you receive this special discount as a token of our gratitude for your service.

  2. Loyalty Discount through My Eveon: For customers who plan to make repeat orders, we encourage you to create a My Eveon account after your first purchase. By doing so, you'll automatically qualify for a 5% loyalty discount on all your future container orders. This program is our way of expressing appreciation for your continued trust in Eveon Containers. Read more about the benefits of My Eveon here.

  3. Volume Discount: For customers purchasing multiple containers, we offer a volume discount. When you buy two containers, you'll receive a 2.5% discount. As the quantity ordered increases, so do the discounts, providing significant savings for bulk purchases. For example, if you require five containers, you'll receive a 5% volume discount. This ensures that the more containers you buy, the more money you save.