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What are the benefits of buying a wind & watertight shipping container?

There are so many benefits of purchasing a wind & watertight used shipping container. A couple are mentioned below...

  • Keeping equipment, personal items or business items secure
    Need personal or business items to be safe, secure and out of the elements? A decommissioned shipping container is an affordable and sustainable option for doing so. An Eveon container comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to keep wind and water out. Our 20ft and 40ft options will securely keep your goods safe from water and wind damage and rodents. 
  • Structurally sound and strong
    Wind and watertight (WWT) containers are structurally sound and in good condition. Keep in mind that if you purchase a used container they have been carrying cargo across the sea for 10 – 15 years and will have dents and rust . To be classified as wind and watertight the shipping containers should not have any major cracks or holes making the container structurally sound to hold whatever it is that you need to store.
  • Solid floors for dry placement and loading
    The floors of the WWT shipping container should be solid so that no water on the ground can seep into the shipping container and damage the contents. If the WWT shipping container does not sit flat on the ground this usually means that water is able to seep through the floorboards which could ruin anything inside the container. Purchasing a wind and watertight container will ensure that the container can sit flat on the ground with no water entering.
  • Sealed doors to keep items, dry, secure and safe 
    The requirements for a shipping container to be a WWT container include that the doors of the container are sealed tight and that the locking mechanisms or bars are working properly. The seals of the shipping container doors should be intact and the shipping container gaskets around the doors are completely sealed keeping out wind, water, rodents and also thieves.