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How much does a used container cost?

The price of a shipping container is dependent on the geographical location, size, condition & the costs you must pay for the delivery.

There are a variety of options when it comes to shipping containers creating a wide range in pricing. To better determine pricing options, we put some elements down, which define the price of the containers.

Geographical location:

The location where the container is, defines the prices of the containers. Every location has a dependency on supply and demand. If the demand of containers high in an certain location, the price will be higher than in locations where the demand is less. The number of shipping containers that can be transported to a location or depot also can define the price. Inland locations can have higher costs, due to the transportation cost to get the containers into that location. 

Out Of Stock: 

If you are looking to purchase a specific container in a market with high demand, your containers may come from another market or depot. If this is the case the price will reflect a higher delivery rate. In some cases the container may be less if coming from another depot, but stock can affect prices. 


Eveon Containers currently offers (20ft, 40ft & 40ft HC) shipping containers. The bigger the container, the higher the price.


When you are looking to purchase a used shipping container, it is important to remember what purpose they originally served – transporting cargo overseas. As a result, they will show signs of life at sea. An Eveon Container will often have a unique patina that includes scratches, rust, patches and dents. 

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